We provide the electronic data messaging service for Customs Formality that comply with Customs Department s’ policy. The system enhances the standard way to transmit and exchange data among both private and public organizations

System Functions & Features

  1. The system is a web application on internet, No program installation required. User can work anywhere and anytime.
  2. Direct data transmission from Gateway to Customs Department (No VAN). It helps data interchange stable and convenience.
  3. Support 2 Gateways for data transmission (In case, the main Gateway is error)
  4. Reduce a re-key data. Be able to import data to create new invoice. Be able to generate report by export data from the system.
  5. Exporter/Importer can sign their own Digital Signature (CA) thru our web application without installing a program.
  6. Easy and safe to pay taxes with e-payment system.
  7. We update Customs reference file and system all the time.
  8. Be able to check cost of data transmission thru Cash Log function and also can make report at required time.
  9. Knowledge Base system provides Q&A and information, how to use the system.
  10. Support team service on office hours Tel. 02-672-7979 and After office hours Tel. 081-840-2403, 081-840-2684